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Richmond VA 23227

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Robert beckmann

I got dumped

I purchased livingroom furniture 3/5 and arranged delivery for after a vacation and having a charity remove my old on 3/21. I call them the customer service number on the receipt the day of the delivery to find out a time frame for delivery. I was told that my couch was still in Atlanta and that I wasn’t getting the delivery today. I told him that I bought a floor sample in oaks! I called first thing when they opened at 9:30 and was told that he was going to call the business office at the store at 10 when they opened and would get back to me shortly. Its now after 4 and i havnt heard from anyone. I called the customer service number again and was told that no one from the store has responded to their email and phone calls. Your delivery system obviously sucks. Havnt decided if I want the furniture or not.

7 years ago

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