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Rachel priest

I used to live in Michigan and went all the time to get the grinders they are amazing I love your resturont. I now live in porter Texas and kingwood Texas in Huston Texas i wish you had a place here I would go all the time. If u had a place where I live people love something new and will love your place. Just wish that you were here in kingwood and porter in Huston Texas.

7 years ago

Rude employee

After a long day of work, we wanted a quick and easy meal from mancinos on Nappanee st in Elkhart, IN around 7:50 on 4/20/2017. It took forever for the blonde boy to get to the counter to order our food. My boyfriend told him his order and the boy said they were out, then the boy said “just kidding”. Which we did not find amusing. He kept “joking” around about our orders. Then we asked for bottled water and the boy yells out “No we don’t have any beer!” in front of everyone. Which as people who do not drink, we did not think was remotely funny. We decided to leave after that, we didn’t want to risk him “joking” around our food while it’s being made.

7 years ago


My order was messed up twice the owner was very nice about it an said he would give me a discount the next time I came in. So I called to order a sandwich an she said she didn’t see my name so I asked to speak to the manager an she wouldn’t let me an told me it wouldn’t matter cause she doesn’t see my name. I thought that was rude!!!

7 years ago
Julie c.

Not the Mancinos I remember

I stopped at the Mancino’s on Gull Road in Kalamazoo and ordered two sandwiches. The bill was was over $34.00 and the sandwiches didn’t resemble the grinders I remember from the past. The bread was narrow and there was hardly any meat on the sandwiches. The sandwiches were wrapped in foil and put inside a bag that came up about 1/2 way up the sandwiches. They used to come in nice boxes that kept them warm. For $34.00 we could have done much better. I won’t be going again.

7 years ago

Always Screwing Up Our Order

Giving a 1 star review is being generous. We used to live in Columbus, Indiana, and always enjoyed your restaurant. We moved to another town, but everytime we are in Columbus, we stop to get an order to take home. The last 5 times we have stopped by and placed our order, when we got home, it was always wrong. When we complained, we were told that there was nothing that could be done. This is the last time we will be going to your restaurant. The servers are rude and act like they could care less to wait on you.

7 years ago
Tonya Cousineau

Worst pizza place ever

We have tried to get pizza from gobles Michigan ,they never deliver! And it takes 30 minutes just for the person to take our order . That is if you are not put on hold, then hung up on.

7 years ago
Clifford Baldwin

Repeated bad service

I live in Connersville, IN and my family loves Mancinos.
Unfortunately the last two times we called in an order I drove the 15 minutes into town to pick it up and when I got back home 15 minutes later and opened up my grinders the BLT was not a BLT.
The first time this happened I called them and told them and they asked me to bring it back in and they would replace it.
I told them I would not make the trip back in town for it.
This time I took it back in for a replacement and the girl was very rude to me.
I told her it was the wrong grinder and she said “what is it”.
I told her I did not know and she said “it is a chicken BLT”
and walked away.
She put one together in about 10 more minutes and placed it on the counter.
She did not apologize for the mistake or thank me for coming back in, she simply turned her back and walked away.

7 years ago
Debbie Upton

Horrible Customer Service & Wrong Food!!!

May 13th 2017 I called the Dupont Rd Location (Fort Wayne, IN) at 5:46 pm to place a delivery order. I ordered 1 calzone, 1 order of Bosco sticks, 1 order of Garlic Cheesy Bread, 1 pizza grinder & 1 strom grinder. Total was 34.91. We waited almost an hour (which I was informed it would be at least an hour.) When it was delivered at 6:35 p.m. We received everything on our order but my strom had lettuce and tomato on it (which on the menu does NOT say lettuce and tomato as topping). The Bosco sticks and the Garlic Cheesy Bread both state on line that they are severed with a side of sauce. We did NOT receive any sauce for either. I then called the store at 6:43 and asked to speak to the Manager. I proceeded to ask her what was suppose to be on a Strom. She said she was grabbing a menu and read it to me. Italian Sausage, pizza sauce, cheese, onion, green peppers and banana peppers. I said ok this Strom has lettuce and tomato on it . She replied you need to be more specific when ordering your food, because lettuce and tomatoes are a staple on most of our grinders. I responded i did know know i had to ask for toppings to be removed when they are not on the menu! She then said there was a discrepency from the online menu and the store menu because garlic cheesy bread does not come with pizza sauce. She then said the bosco sticks were supposed to have pizza sauce. The manager then asked if i wanted a new sandwich brought to me. I said yes i wanted the correct sandwich. She then said she would have the correct sandwich delivered as soon as the delivery driver returned, but she wanted the wrong strom back. At 7:20pm the driver returned with a full strom and 1 pizza sauce and offered his apologizes. We gave the delivery driver back the wrong grinder and that was the end it. Now after waiting the duration of time for this to be completed we have cold bosco sticks, cold garlic cheesy bread. The food has always been very good from this location, but this will be the last time we will be ordering from Mancinos’s.

7 years ago
Fred Slade

Why did you do away with meatballs at your Ludington, Mi. Store? I loved to order just meatballs in marinara sauce, now they tell me they don,t carry anymore. No more Mancinos for us.

7 years ago

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