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1416 38Th St
Brooklyn NY 11218

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[fac_icon icon=”phone-square”] (718) 532-1800

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Terrible Delivery Service

Terrible company to deal with. I rate this company 0 STAR WORST EVER. I purchase a washer from AJ Madison because the sales representative (Meir) who took my order was very polite. At the point of purchase I told the sales Rep that I have a building restriction and that all deliveries are only allowed between the hours of 10am and 2pm Mon – Fri. I was told that there will be no problem. I also spoke with the delivery company on the day of purchase and the day of delivery to ensure that they will be on time. I was again reassured. I scheduling appointment for the installation guys who showed up twice at my apartment and billed me because AJ Madison did not deliver my washer, therefore I had to pay for their time wasted. Yet After speaking with AJ Madison’s customer service I was told that the delivery guys will show up again the next day in the morning to honor my building restriction, FGO-Logistics Team sent me another email right as they were closing notifying me of another attempt of delivery outside the time allowed according to my building restriction. This is so frustrating given that I have taken two days off from work only to see that day two off work staying at home waiting for FGO-Logistics Team to deliver my item that they will not honor my building restriction. Yet AJ Madison have refused me my full refund for the stupid delivery company they do business with. This is NYC many buildings have restrictions for insurance purposes what part of that is so hard to understand after taking my money with no merchandise delivered.

I will never ever do business with AJ Madison again. This company is terrible after 5pm there is no one to talk to. The store closes so early like it is located in some remote area where everything closes before dark

7 years ago

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