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1060 Fairfax Park

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Charles collard

Rude management

Went to Taco casa with family and ordered several items as do several times weekly. And ordered a super burrito and didn’t reseave olives, went to counter to request a redu and was met with sarcasm from management, told her had ordered a super burrito and she said that’s what you got I told her had no olives and she did you want olives I replied ain’t that what a super burrito has so went to hand her back the one that was messed up and she said smartlly we don’t take food back you can keep that to. We’ll make another one.. I showed her reciept and does not say hold olives.. And girl makeing food got smart saying what’s wrong with his. She pulled up on order screen to see and we’ll I guess it was regular.. She said.. Like I said me and my family go there several times weekly but as long as they are there we will go to Taco Bell down the road.. It’s the one in gun barrel City Texas..store #76 The manager was a Spanish lady and other was white lady.. This all happened on friday the 9 at 2: 33 pm

7 years ago

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